Modelling Shootout's 10th Anniversary Weekend! 22-25th November 2019 1.5 hours north of Newcastle NSW.

Be involved in this great fun collaborative event. It will be our best yet.
Join us as a group of models, photographers, hair and make artists create stunning individual images at an amazing location.

2 August 2019
Fern Forest Fashion 1


Dreaming of a world where all clothing is natural fibre.
We create a stunning dress of tree fern fronds with fern frond hair.

17 October 2018
Anniky in the City 4

Anniki in the City.

A grey day in Sydney with Annika Hallinan of Bella Models, before the night bloomed into colour.
Make up and hair by Aya Arakawa of Creative Roseo from Japan.

20 June 2018

Heavy Petal

A colourful flower grows under the shadow of a large steel making plant.

17 March 2018
1000 cranes by Lizzie Sutherland-5

1,000 paper cranes..

A body painting to remember the courage of a young victim of the aftermath of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Sadako, who is now an emblem for the strive for world peace.

3 December 2015

50 shades of K

I was asked to shoot a male model, K, posing with Mel.. back in 2012

30 September 2015

Runaway Bride...into the dusk..

Bridal drama fashion on a budget

8 June 2015

Friends in the Fog and Dancing in the Autumn rain.

Through the world of social media I was put in contact with Aparna and Sara, who were travelling through Australia.   We had organised to shoot on a beach, but the weather decided not to be kind to us, instead we had fog and rain. I should have known,...

2 May 2015

Racquel, shooting for The House of NoirBlanc

A fun day with a great mate, Racquel Brown, from Jamaica, and the lovely Make Up artist Amy Smith of shooting for The House of NoirBlanc. Amy was asked to do a dark red lip...

17 February 2015

Emma and Nathan's perfect day.

I had the privilege of shooting the wedding of my friend Emma Tuckwell earlier in November to a great guy Nathan Ryan. It truly is a love story, with so much passion and hope as this hard working young couple forges ahead, so inspiring. It was also a day filled...

8 January 2014