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Aarika, mermazing first time model

17 October 2013

I met up with Aarika yesterday to shoot her in a mermaid tail made by talented buddy Dave FX,

It was going to be a challenging shoot due to the windy day, the location and posing without legs, so we headed into Kiama first to grab some lunch. On the drive there Aarika was saying she could see whales, and sure enough when we pulled over in the town know for its blowhole, whales were breaching just outside the harbour. This is when I started to think there was something magical about this person. All through the shoot Aarika was noticing Cetacean activity and when we were leaving the incredible location of the rock shoot, she noticed a whale waving its fin goodbye to her.

On the shoot this first time model posed like a seasoned professional and didn't complain about the wind or the hot hard rocks she was laying on... whenever I asked her if she was ok, "It's chill" was the laid back reply.. 

Aarika themed herself for the shoot with her hair, make up and accessories, which added to the great images we created with the mermaid tail

The location is often used for fashion shoots, and the sea doesn't have to be in the shot as the geology is enough..

But the ocean is the home of the mythical creature...   

Such an amazing natural theater, starring a lovely performer... 

We then took the shoot to the nearby beach, each change of location required Aarika to worming and struggle herself into the tail, as it was too far to carry her and the gear..

Aarika's at oneness with the ocean was soon tested to the limit....  which she was "Chill" with.!

  For a first time model she put up with the harsh wind whipping her hair in her face, the bright sun in her eyes, doubly bright when reflecting off the mirror like wet sand, being posed on hot rocks and then the cool surf.. I really hope she keeps modelling and I am looking forward to pampering her in studio where the elements of nature will not be so demanding.  I just wonder how the whales feel about me borrowing her?  

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