Fern Forest Fashion 1


17 October 2018


Nature provides the best designs, with the ancient design of the tree fern as my theme inspiration.

An emerging fern frond has the ratios of the Fibinanci sequence,
giving the basis of the Golden Ratio, natures perfect proportions.
I had to get a dream team together to create a work worthy of the tree fern.
With a billowing skirt by @davesfxmua of ethically harvested tree fern fronds, coupled with a Bracken fern belt and fern nipple bra our look has a great base.

The makeup had to be strong yet not costume-looking and @krystelperremakeup nailed the look on our stunning Model, Kitt, @thefaeriefox with the exact balance required.
Crowning all this is the amazing hair artistry of Ahkim Tan who gives us the fern frond hair.
Kitt, showing her professionalism, was able to work with the large volumes of skirt and hair whilst looking so regal.

In the studio we show the ferns reliance on water represented by a waterfall with a splash of blue backdrop, before stepping outside to the adjacent location, the natural habitat of the ferns.

The outfit is now composting, giving back to nature.

Let's all try to wear natural fibres and reduce landfill caused by fast fashion made from plastic.

(Our work was published on 17/10/2018 in Poza Magazine)

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