Little Red Riding Horror!

21 October 2013

Last year, 2012, my good buddy Dave, asked me to help him out with a concept shoot.

Everyone knows the story of Little Red Riding Hood (LLRH) but in the imaginative dark corners of Dave's mind he wanted to do a shoot where the Wolf wins!

In Dave's mind the Wolf bites LLRH and she transforms into 1/2 wolf/1/2 LLRD.

We had a great friend Bronwyn, she is a stunning young lady that I admire more for her nature than her "OMG she is beautiful" exterior, who was willing to fur up for us!

Here's a shot of her from her very first shoot, I was glad she picked me!! 

They arrived at my place, and had a lovely time getting ready here, outside in the bright October sun

and then when the sun was too strong for Dave's inner Goth, we finished of Brownyn's transformation inside..


We did a quick photo session indoors then headed off into the nearby acreage where we were allowed to shoot, I have known the owner all my life! It was a warm day and Bronwyn never
complained about the special effects glued to her face and body.
The location was great but with the daylight being so strong still we needed to add some atmosphere to the scene. Those that know me will tell you I try to get the image right before the camera clicks rather than relying on post production trickery. Being too far from any power source, I had prepared a simple smoker unit to generate mood for our scene.


Bronwyn acted the part of the little girl turned wolf so well, it was hard to take a bad shot!    

The work Dave created on Bronwyn was great, such detail!  Poor LLRH can't belive what is happening to her...

After we packed up and left the acreage, I decided to extend the fun and drive into a nearby lookout, where a lot of motorbike riders gather after their ride through the Royal National Park. I had Bronwyn sitting in the back passenger side seat, she leaned her pretty side out the window and called a couple of big leather clad bikers over on the pretense of asking for directions, then when they were near, she turned her wolf side to them and growled like a hound from hell... the big tough guys jumped back so fast with such a shocked look as well all fell about laughing.. the biker boys saw the funny side as well.. phew!  

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