Modelling Shootout's 10th Anniversary Weekend! 22-25th November 2019 1.5 hours north of Newcastle NSW.

2 August 2019

What is Modelling Shootout?

It is a stunning destination weekend of individual photo-shoots for the portfolio building or updating.
It is conducted in a safe and supporting manner.
Networking and idea sharing occurs in a beautiful, relaxing environment.
We have 6 photographers,
male and female, that the models and hair and make up artists(HMUA) work with.
The photo-shoots might be on site or nearby at some wonderful photogenic locations.

The selected models will be given a schedule of the days of their participation at the event after confirmation of their application and availability.

A group page of those selected to participate allows easy communication between attendees to get ready for the weekend.
Many concepts and shoot themes are discussed in advanced so wardrobe and other shoot items can be prepared.

So many of our models have been to previous events and love coming back to these weekends,
updating their portfolios with great images that endure,
that's why we have such limited opportunities for models to join with us.

Last year, Annika, who has participated in several of our events brought her sister, Tash, along as she was finally 18.

New models attending will be assigned a mentor to ensure they get the best out of the opportunity.

Each photographer attending has their own style and models are encouraged to work with as many as they can over the

weekend, as the photographers cast a vote to on the best Model, and the model with the best score wins the weekend.

Modelling Shootout 2018 Group Portrait

An exhausted but very happy crew who were at the end of Modelling Shootout 2018 at Bundanoon.

A&T 2

Sisters Annika and Tash, by Thierry Nguyen Cuu at Bundanoon, Modelling Shootout 2018.


Erin, at this years venue, back in 2012 at Modelling Shootout.

When and Where?

The fun starts Friday afternoon 22nd November

and we wrap it up on Monday morning 25th November, 2019
The venue is in the Smiths Lake area, which is one and half hours north of Newcastle, NSW, Australia.
The actual address will be supplied to participants.
Public transport to the venue is possible, but infrequent.
We held the 2012 Modelling Shootout here and loved it so much we are going back this year.


Echo enjoying the pool at this years venue, at Modelling Shootout 2012, by Damian Lloyd.

How do I apply?

You have to be over 18 years of age at the time of the shootout.

Please answer the following:

1. Name:
2. D.O.B:
3. Phone number:
4. Emergency Contact details:
5. What day/ days do you wish to attend?
6. Known Allergies?

Apply by sending your application to


Rod Capon work from the venue Modelling Shootout 2012

What photographic styles do I have to shoot?

Photo concepts and ideas are discussed between attendees in the months leading up to the weekend,
so you can be assured you are prepared for the concepts you wish to execute.
Styles that have been shot at previous shootouts have been as varied as the attendees themselves.
Last year a first time Modelling Shootout attendee had a fashion submission run on the cover
of Shuba Magazine, based in New York.
Photo shoot styles may range from high fashion to conceptual body painting, shooting on a nearby beach at sunrise, to
underwater in the pool, lifestyle imagery to beauty shots.
The model is in control of what styles she participates in.
Some samples from our 2012 event at the venue and more recent events shown below.


Ash Jobe-Parker at Bundanoon, Modelling Shootout 2019.


Lara at the venue, Modelling Shootout 2012


Erin on the lovely ground of the venue, Modelling Shootout 2012.


Mel and Kate from Modelling Shootout 2012.


Tash by Susan Mac, at Bundanoon Modelling Shootout 2018

Do I get shots straight away?

With 6 different photographers, shooting the whole weekend, they have a lot of sorting and editing to do.
However, as all the photographers are very proud of their work they want it to be seen as soon as possible.
Generally some images are released in the week or 2 after the event, with more coming in the following month.
It is best to talk to each photographer to find out the expected time line.


Annika by Susan Mac, Bundanoon, Modelling Shootout 2018

Who supplies the wardrobe/props/accessories etc?

This is all sorted out via the group discussion page leading up to the event.
Some wardrobe may be available for shooting with, but to ensure correct sizing it might be best to
bring a range of your own outfits for the styles you wish to shoot.
However, it is always handy to pack a few extra outfits for any spontaneous shoots through the weekend.
Generally most models pack a white, a skin toned and a black set of underwear to use appropriately with
any wardrobe a photographer or other artist may provide.


Lara by Laura Roberts. Blackheath Modelling Shootout 2014

Can my partner be there too?

We bend over backwards to make your experience at Modelling Shootout the best, but unfortunately we have to abide
by the strict number limits imposed by the hiring conditions of the venue.
Each spot is precious and vital so only those people directly involved with Modelling Shootout can be present on site.
Drop offs and pick ups excluded of course.
We have had many couples stay in the same area as we hold our Modelling Shootout and the model attends the day
whilst her partner goes golfing/fishing/shopping etc and meet up later.


Ash by Doug Coleman at Bundanoon, Modelling Shootout 2018

Are there shops nearby and do I have to bring my own food?

There are some small shops nearby, with a major centre 20 minutes away.
We cater for the whole crew over the weekend, so only bring your own food if
you have a food allergy or very special diet.


Looks like a nice place for lunch. Our venue this year!!

What does it cost?

It costs thousands and thousands of dollars to host Modelling Shootout,
that's why every invited model spot is precious and if your application is accepted do not waste it,
you will be throwing away someone else's chance to have an amazing portfolio
and our creative team's time and money.

There are plenty of accommodation choices nearby if you choose to stay in the area, at your own cost.

(The modelling shootout committee reserves the right to approve or reject any application to

participate in Modelling Shootout.)

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