Emma and Nathan's perfect day.

8 January 2014

I had the privilege of shooting the wedding of my friend Emma Tuckwell earlier in November to a great guy Nathan Ryan.

It truly is a love story, with so much passion and hope as this hard working young couple forges ahead, so inspiring. It was also a day filled with laughter and an amazing upbeat vibe.

The bride and her gorgeous bridesmaids were made over by a lovely friend  Stacey, who was able to do both the hair and the make up.

Emma's wedding dress was a stunner, with such beautiful detail, very Antique French Provincial..  



With the bridesmaids ready, they even had time to pose for Emma's brother Ado,  it was time to get Emma in her beautiful dress... 

Whew, it fits perfectly!   

And Emma just look radiant!

There was a threat of a storm that afternoon and in the morning it was quite hot and humid, so everyone was hoping that the rain would hold off until after the outdoor marriage service was held.  

Nathan's Dad arrived to chauffeur the bride to be to the wedding.. in a brand new $150,000 Mercedes!

John advised putting the roof up on the Merc convertible as it was hot and very windy and wanted his son's bride to look her best on arrival.



A quick stop for some bride and bridesmaids shots at Clifton on the way from Helensburgh to Wollongong Golf Club..

The setting for the service was at the back of one of the tees on the course.. next to a pretty little dam, the boys were waiting...


Such proud grandparents walking Emma down the isle to Nathan...

and Nathan's heartfelt reaction to seeing his beautiful bride....



And then they rode off into the sunset on the back of a golf cart and lived happily ever after.....

But we had to duck out to the Wollongong Botanic Gardens for a few photos so they wisely jumped into the Mercedes instead!

One of the few shots Emma really wanted was the wedding rings shot on a nice branch, so we did that,

and I found a lovely couple to add to the background of the shot...

Emma knew a few of her bridesmaids had a morbid fear of birds, an we were lucky the waterbirds at the Golf Course did not intrude on her day.. however at the Botanic Gardens the Geese took offence to the white hand fan thrown on the ground, I guess they thought it was another Goose moving in on them...


Lucky Kirto is from Coalcliff and she saved the day, protecting her bride!!

Then it was back to the Golf Club to celebrate!


Emma had decorated the reception room in a lovely antique fashion to match her dress! And the cake was a delight! 


The speeches were fantastic, moving and humorous, it was an honour to be there and enjoy them..

Ado's brotherly bond with his sister was very evident with his speech. 

After the speeches came the cutting of the cake... 



and then the first dance, with the music sung by Danielle, Nathan's sister and played by Ben, his brother in law.


And the party kicked on!!!


So many great images from the day, but that's all for now....  

Thanks Emma and Nathan!  xx

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