Racquel, shooting for The House of NoirBlanc

17 February 2015

A fun day with a great mate, Racquel Brown, from Jamaica, and the lovely Make Up artist Amy Smith of shooting for

The House of NoirBlanc.

Amy was asked to do a dark red lip and a green to subtle yellow eye, as I used this combo years ago, Amy did a great job!

We shot some catalog looks on a blank wall first before venturing to more textured backgrounds..

It was time to hit the water and test these swimsuits out!

Pose on top of an uneven boulder with hard rock below to fall on, in heels, no problem for Racquel..( no models were harmed in the making of these images!)

A well deserved rest!

Some of the best looks on a shoot are those that are spontaneous and un-posed.

For a brief second the sun came out...

Then the clouds came back for our soft light fashion look...
Swimsuits by
Make Up by
Additional styling by Model..

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