Friends in the Fog and Dancing in the Autumn rain.

2 May 2015

Through the world of social media I was put in contact with Aparna and Sara, who were travelling through Australia.  

We had organised to shoot on a beach, but the weather decided not to be kind to us, instead we had fog and rain.

I should have known, the dawn that day was an interesting battle between the early light and the heavy gloom of the clouds.  

The three of us retreated to the studio to capture the great make up and hair they had styled themselves, before we ventured onto location.
  The  stunning Sara Srividya Rohra Shepherd 

The beautiful Aparna Cranberry  

Their make up work was amazing, as they are travelling and do not have the normal range of resources for the photoshoot preparation.

Misty fog rolled in and we ducked outside with the break in the rain and Aparna and Sara posed for the camera...

After that we were mobbed by horses in the fog,

We shot at a lovely old country residence

and then the rain came, and Aparna and Sara danced, laughed and embraced the shower..
   So what a better way to end the day.. dancing in the Autumn rain!

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